A major source of worry for many car renters is that they will get ripped off when it is time to settle their bills. If you are traveling abroad and want to save money on your car rental costs, here are a couple of tips to help you avoid paying an inflated price.

Avoid airport rentals

Airport car rentals are high-end products that offer great convenience to clients. Since the airport is the first place you will land after you alight from your aircraft, you will find it expedient to pick up your rental car from there. But this comes at an extra fee, of course.

Hiring a car from an airport usually attracts airport charges like concession recovery fees, which are passed on to clients and can significantly add to the total cost of car rental service. To dodge your way around these charges, consider opting for a non-airport car rental service. You can use the train to get to a rental company located downtown, where you can get cheaper rental rates.

Keep evidence of any damage to your car

You don't want to be asked to pay for damage you are not responsible for. Unfortunately, this is what might happen if you do not inspect the car you are renting before leaving with it. Identify and bring all noticeable damages to the attention of your car rental service, no matter how minor they are, as even the slightest repairs can significantly soar up your bill when summed up. If possible, take photos showing any minor dents, scratches, etc. at the pick-up time so that you can keep evidence to support your claims in case of future contention with your car rental service.

Return your car to the required location

Typically, many car rental services specify that you return your car to the same location where you picked it up. If you fail to do so, they will be forced to send a driver to return the car to the designated point. This will lead to a drop-off charge being added to your bill. The fee charged often depends on the distance involved but in some cases, that is not specified. Instead, a base rate is charged for returning cars left within a particular radius from the pick-up office.

If you want to save big money on car rental expenditures while you are traveling to another country, you should try out these tips.