When you're ready to buy a new car, you may have a list of features you want in your new vehicle, and a certain budget you need to stick with. However, these are not the only things to consider when you're in the market for a new car! Note a few tips for buying a new car that many car shoppers tend to overlook, and why they can be so important for your car buying experience.

The test drive

No matter how much you like the look, fuel economy, and price of a certain vehicle, you always want to take it for a test drive. You may find that a model bigger than your current vehicle is difficult to navigate around corners, or may feel unsafe in a smaller car, no matter its safety features. You may also find that a car is not as responsive as you would expect, or it's overly responsive, so you struggle to actually handle it while on the road. All of these factors can detract from your driving and enjoyment of your new car, so be sure you test drive any potential model before buying.

Unnecessary extras

Dealers often toss in extras for a car, as a way to convince you to buy; however, be cautious about extras that are actually unnecessary. For example, rust protection may not be needed, since today's cars are typically coated with a rustproof paint. An extended warranty may not be needed if the manufacturer's warranty is sufficient. Do a bit of research as to how necessary these extras really are before you decide on a purchase.

Know when to shop

At the end of most months, and near the end of the year, dealers are often eager to get cars off their lot, so they have room for new models. This often means that the best time to shop is during the last week of the month, and right before next year's models are due to arrive; dealers may lower prices and be running lots of specials and sales, and be more willing to haggle with you during these times.

However, some dealers may increase their prices around Christmastime and right before the end of the school year, as this may be peak seasons for those who are buying cars as a holiday or graduation gift. To save the most money, know the best time to shop in your local area and wait for those sales, even if you need to put off your new purchase by a few weeks. For more information, contact companies like Nippon Imports Pty. Ltd.