All vehicles are only as good as the tyres on which they sit; a powerful engine still needs proper tyre tread for good pickup, and even the strongest engine and heavy-duty brakes can't stop a heavy truck from sliding if the tyres have a poor tread design for all that added weight. When you are ready to buy new truck tyres, note a few tips and precautions so you ensure you get the right choice for any type of truck, SUV, jeep, or other oversized vehicle.

Speed rating

The speed rating refers to the maximum speed for which the tyre is rated, or can keep you safe without sliding and skidding. The higher the speed rating, the thinner the tread, as deeper tread means more grip on the road and more drag or resistance.

You might want to upgrade to a higher speed rating for your tyres if you regularly drive on highways or take your truck to a track. However, note that a higher speed rating means thinner rubber that will wear away faster, and you'll need to replace the tyres more frequently. This is especially true when the tyres are driven on hot pavement, as that heat can easily melt the tyre's rubber and the belts between layers may then poke through and ruin the tyres completely. Choose a speed rating carefully, rather than assuming that a higher rating is always going to be the better option.

All-season and all-terrain

All-season and all-terrain tyres will usually have a much lower lifespan than standard tyres, as they're meant to be driven over snow, ice, salt used on snowy roads, gravel, sand, mud, and other such unfavourable surfaces that cause excessive wear and tear on the rubber. You may prefer these tyres so you can keep them on your truck year-round, but the more you drive these types of tyres, the faster they'll wear down and need replacing altogether.

Ultra-high performance tyres

Performance and especially ultra-high performance tyres will have a very stiff sidewall that minimizes how the tyre shifts when you turn corners or go around curves. These are great for off-roading where you may hit lots of tight turns, but you may notice a stiffer ride on everyday roads, meaning that the truck doesn't respond smoothly when going around turns. These tyres may also have a shorter lifespan because of the stiffer rubber that may become brittle over time, leading to cracks and splits.