If you have been in an accident and your transmission was damaged, or perhaps your car's transmission is simply old and has stopped working, you will want to weigh the costs and benefits of fixing the transmission or simply selling the car as-is. In order to make the best decision in this situation, you need to be fully informed about the cost of repairs, the time it will take to repair, and the warranty on your car.

Cost of Repairs

The cost to repair your transmission will vary depending on several factors. However, the lowest price usually seen is $1,200 in a small car. If you have a truck or a larger vehicle, the cost will be even higher. What factors play into deciding the cost of replacing your car's transmission? Prices can vary depending on where you live. Additionally, the age of your vehicle and its make can come into play. If it is difficult to find a transmission that will match, then the cost of repairs will be higher. If you have a popular model of car, matching the transmission will be easier and, therefore, less expensive. Additionally, if part of the engine you have is salvageable, it will be less expensive to repair than if you need to completely replace the transmission. Last of all, if you have a manual engine, that will be less expensive to repair than an automatic.


Your car should have come with a warranty that specifically refers to gearbox repairs. Each company has a different policy; however, the following are some generic times that warranties last.

However, you must check with your car's specific warranty to see what your company provides. Cars that are generally older than this do not have warranties.


Unfortunately, rebuilding a transmission is very time consuming. The first thing always checked in this process is the transmission fluid. If that is the problem, then the gearbox repairs will not be very expensive at all. However, if the mechanics discover that is not the problem, it can be a lengthy process to try each piece of the transmission to see which part is not functioning. After a variety of tests have been run to diagnose which parts are causing the problem, the mechanics can focus on that area and have your transmission fixed. The process can take months.