If you would like to give your car that custom look that attracts drooling glances and makes it stand out from the crowd, metal fabrication is the answer. Through metal fabrication, you can redesign aspects of your car to get that supercar or sports car look. Below, see the 5 different car parts that you can have fabricated by a metal shop to achieve this.

Hoods and hood scoops

Hoods and hood scoops are made of metal so they can be fabricated very easily by simply altering the shapes, lines or curves of the stock issue. A common trend on custom hoods is to have air inlets created to allow better cooling of the engine bay. This is done by stamping inlets of various lengths and designs on various spots of the hood. You can also have a hood scoop installed to improve ventilation, to change the profile of the hood or to allow a larger engine to be fitted.

Wheel arches

If you would like to fit wider tyres on your car in order to achieve that muscle car stance that you've seen in other cars, the answer lies in custom wheel arches. These arches are usually wider and more durable than aftermarket options. Also, unlike plastic or carbon arches, they can be painted to flow with the car's paint job. Once fabricated and welded on, they are permanent and will hide your tyres in a cool manner.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system is often customized in order to improve a vehicle's performance. This is achieved by fabricating and fitting an exhaust system that allows exhaust air to be expelled faster in order to increase the engine's efficiency and to prevent air backflow. To be more specific, a new exhaust line with smoother curves, fewer corners, and longer, separate manifolds is installed.


Traditionally, the spoiler was designed to create a rear down-force that kept the car low to the ground even at high speeds in order to aid in stability, traction and speed. Today, you can have a custom spoiler fabricated by automotive metal specialists for that same role and also give your car that cool sporty look.


Installation of skirting in cars is one of the oldest customization tricks in the book. The skirts (side, front and rear) are the traditional marks of a custom body. They make the car look sporty and low to the ground. Though mostly made of light plastic or carbon fiber, you can have the same made from metal or a combination of metal and fiber.

Of course, you can have many other parts of your car fabricated for a more details customization. Examples include roof scoops, rims, bumpers, fenders, door panels, and more.